Dowel Wizard Miter Plate Accessory

Introducing the new mitering joint accessory for the Dowel Wizard doweling tool.

How many times have you attempted to make miter joints and tried to hold them in position and not sliding out of place while clamping all the parts together?

The easy solution to this problem is this accessory that fits on the Dowel Wizard tool so you can adjoin miter joints that precisely fit together and stay in alignment. This accessory allows you to easily and precisely drill dowel holes just like you do with the Dowel Wizard but at exactly 45⁰ for that perfect miter joint.

This new precision Miter Plate is made from the same strong lightweight aircraft aluminum material that the Dowel Wizard is made from. To attach the Miter Plate simply remove one of the Side Plates and replace it with the Miter Plate using the same two 8-32 screws.

Instructions for Use:


• Replace one of the Side Plates on the Dowel Wizard with the Miter Plate using the same two 8-32 screws.

• Pivot the assembly clock wise so the Miter Plate is against the Bushing Block.

• Tighten all six screws so the assembly is secure and will not pivot.

You are ready to place the Dowel Wizard on the mitered cut for drilling the dowel holes.

• Mark with a sharp pencil center lines on the mitered cuts of adjoining boards (see Fig.1).

• Place the Bushing Block flat on the mitered cut surface with center lines aligned and the Miter Plate flat against the board. Clamp securely on the left side as illustrated (Fig.2).

• Drill dowel holes with a sharp drill bit to a depth of about 1/2 or less of the board thickness. Repeat the last two steps on the adjoining mitered board.

Note: dowels for this application are mainly for alignment to prevent the joints from slipping out of place while clamping the glued assembly together.

The Miter Plate will not compensate for any construction inaccuracy. For perfect 90° mitered box joints, all boards must be flat, square, cut exactly to the planed width and length. Also, the mitered cuts must be precisely at 45°. Remember the more accurate you are, the better all joints will line up. 

The Miter Plate is currently out-of-stock and on back order.
Please check back February 2023 for updates.

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