wood doweling tool

Wood Doweling ToolDowel Wizard is a unique way to precisely position and drill wood dowel holes.
Low cost and easy to use!

Due to difficulty in ordering and obtaining new parts, we are not taking new orders until 2023. Please check back in February for updates.

This wood doweling tool is for the woodworker who wants to easily drill wood dowel holes accurately and quickly without fussing around adjusting the jig or fixture to precisely position each dowel hole as is done with most jigs available today.

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Wood Doweling Tool
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Very accurate
  • Rugged precision construction
  • Interchangeable drill guides
  • Handles stock up to 2″ thick
  • Light weight
  • Compact
  • Fits in apron pocket
  • Low cost

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Please Check Back February 2023

 Dowel Wizard Accessory!

“Miter Plate”

Make strong miter joints the easy way!

Introducing the new mitering joint accessory for the Dowel Wizard doweling tool. This accessory allows you to easily and precisely drill dowel holes just like you do with the Dowel Wizard but at exactly 45⁰ for that perfect miter joint.

Out of Stock
Please Check Back February 2023

Watch the Dowel Wizard Miter Plate Accessory in Action!


Out of Stock
Please Check Back February 2023


We are excited that we received a great review from Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement!

“With the Dowel Wizard you can do edge-to-edge, edge-to-end, edge-to-inside, rail-to-stile and miter joints, on stock up to 2″ thick. It doesn’t have all the versatility of some of the higher end doweling jigs, but at about 1/3 of the price, it’s a good option for anyone who wants to do ocassional doweling. Highly recommended.” Read the full review here.

Read another super review from Woodworkers Guild of America!

“Looking for a way to easily incorporate dowel joinery in your woodworking projects? The Dowel Wizard may be an answer for you. It’s self-centering, and easy to align. Check out our review of this new product.”
Read the full review here.

Read another great review!

I was looking for an easier way to join rails and stiles than using my “Woodpecker MT” jig.  I had considered dowels but always thought they were too fussy to line up precisely.  Well, I just purchased a “Dowel Wizard” wood doweling tool and it is beautifully made.   I tried it out for the first time and the joint, it was PERFECT.  Very easy to use.  Terrific design.   MUCH easier than the MT jig.   And the price, it is way cheaper than “Dowelmax” jig.  Thank you Atkinson Product Design for a great product and at a fair price. 

Jim Angelini

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Searching for a “wood doweling tool”? Dowel Wizard is the easiest doweling tool around!